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Hang Jack bundle. Starter package to get you going.

Our iconic Hang Jack offered here as a bundle. This contemporary design piece is both a pendant lamp and power strip. It is the perfect solution to untangling your cable chaos by providing power straight from above. The minimalist yet robust casing of anodised aluminium offers 14 sockets for anything pluggable. It will deliver up to three kilowatts of power and you can switch it off direct at the base.


The design is inspired by an industry standard. Therefore, it lends new contemporary meaning to the utilitarian power strip. Based on industrial wall sockets often used in production halls and workshops, Hang Jack is a multi-functional organisation tool. Its sculptural quality subverts the idea of hiding the cables. Instead it exhibits them as the centrepiece of a workspace, suspended from the ceiling. The beauty of this product is in the multitude of possibilities for its use. Hung over desks, DJ decks, kitchen units or dinner tables, Hang Jack accommodates up to 14 devices. From kitchen appliances to everyday gadgets, this smart pendant lamp offers more flexibility for everyone. During the product development process it was clear that the lamp should match various ceiling heights. Thereby we have included in the design a three meter long power cable. Additionally, we provide with an installation kit for an easy assembly.

In order to customise your Hang Jack different additions light fixtures are available. For example, specially designed light fixtures called the Linus collection or LED bulbs by Tala. To explore the different additions take a look here – Lighting Accessories.