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A redesign of a redesign. Even Better Shelf / Set 2.

Our shelving system is back with new features, making it even better! The Even Better Shelf / Set 2 is a modular shelving system made of powder-coated, folded metal sheets. Available in three colour variations – white, black and yellow. Due to its intelligent design the system allows flexibility. It is easy to transport as well as to assemble it all with minimal effort. In order to make the assembly process even easier, we offer an installation kit upon delivery. In addition, you can wach the assembly video available on this page.

Add extra shelves and boxes anytime you need more storage. For a larger version or to extend an existing set then take a look at our extension sets – found here. The powder-coated material is strong and long-lasting. Therefore it stays working for you, even as your storage needs move, expand and grow.
In this updated version we revisited aspects of the famous Lipman shelving system to add even more functionality:

  • Easier installation by including permanently fixed pins to the side panels of each shelf.
  • Flexible arrangement. The shelves can be moved in height up and down the teeth uprights without removing its contents.
  • The new addition of the Box storage shelves includes front panels. This offers a covered storage solution for when you want to keep things tidy on the outside.
  • Functional and ornamental. The teeth uprights provide flexibility to the height of your shelves as well as displaying a subtle, sculptural addition to your space.
  • A timeless, universal design. The Even Better Shelf would benefit a home office, private living space, public libraries, universities and schools, commercial offices, co-working spaces, and more

Even Better Shelf / Set 2 includes:

  • x2 Mounting Rails – 100cm (H)
  • x3 Small Shelves – 25cm (D)
  • Mounting kit

Even Better Shelf / Set 2

Even Better Shelf / Set 2 - Black


Even Better Shelf / Set 2

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