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Fronten: Edelstahl poliert, Arbeitsplatte: spaltrauem Schiefer Naturstein


Fronts: Stainless steel polished, Worktop: split slate natural stone


A full stainless steel fronted kitchen island with a slate stone top and an Oak wood interior that was only used as a showroom piece. An absolutely unique piece in a mint condition.

This unused luxurious kitchen island is made up of bodies with oak veneer. All drawers, removable cutlery trays and dividers are made of solid oak. On the outside, the kitchen island is clad with polished stainless steel sheets, making it an absolute eye-catcher. The other side of the kitchen island is suitable as a cosy counter, which can be equipped with bar stools, thanks to the recessed cupboard elements.

Main features

  • Polished stainless steel fronts
  • Solid natural stone worktop made of slate.
  • Oak wood interior – Full/Laminated.
  • GAGGENAU CX492100 premium cooking stove.
  • Two BORA sockets fitted on the front – below the cooking stove.

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