New product - FIELDS BLANKET

Donnerstag, Oktober 12, 2017
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FIELDS is a Jacquard-woven blanket which was exclusively designed for MYKILOS by Teuber Kohlhoff, a graphic and textile design studio based in Berlin. This double-sided pattern blanket weaves a narrative about the landscape, movement, and people as the 'new nomads'. To a certain extent, this design might refer to our nowadays reality, where the terms 'borders' and 'globalism' became our every-day topic of discussion or debate. 


The arrangement of the blank and white pattern creates a somewhat random composition which resembles as a landscape viewed from high above. Where ‘lands’ and ‘waters’ become indistinguishable territories. Thanks for its softness and durability, FIELDS is perfect for either coddling on the sofa during winter-time or chilling in the park when the sun is out. Indoors and outdoors - all year long. 



To keep your eyes busy we have teamed up with studio Teuber Kohlhoff and the amazing photographer Stefan Hähnel whim together we made a short clip. Enjoy!