LÉGÈRE | 2018 Mood catalogue

Samstag, Januar 6, 2018
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Happy new year! We are proud to present you with the 2018 mood catalogue. During last year's late summer we went to the far south, where the cacti grow and heavenly sandy beaches are hidden. There we have embedded our products in somewhat abstract scenarios to form a different perspective as a contrast to what we already know. 




In a session which lasted a few days, we have captured our products in places and situations might be irrational and sometimes abstract comparing to their common use. The purpose behind the concept is to tell a story and transmit a certain mood to the viewer by embedding our products in scenarios which are unusual or nonsensical


From the introduction:

'This time we take you with us to a place where you can let yourself float in time. Put aside the strains and distractions and focus on being. Disconnect from the daily routine and simply let go. A moment of reflection and inspiration...'




Big thank you for Lea for helping with everything. Heart.