V-Zug was established in Switzerland in 1913, the nation’s market leader for household appliances. Ever since, the manufacturer has upheld its mission to provide top quality kitchen and laundry appliances; it uses top quality materials, innovative functionality and fine design. Its success is due to the company’s long held commitment to longevity and a low use of resources.

Particularly, the brand can be best recognised from the elegant mirrored glass fronts found on many of its appliances. The mirrored finish especially complements MYKILOS’ affinity for clean, contemporary and polished kitchen designs.  Not only is there an aesthetic synergy to our partnership, but V-Zug’s ambition for innovation is a strength we also share.

MYKILOS is proud to be one of the first retailers in Hamburg offering the premium Swiss quality appliances of V-Zug. 

V-Zug appliances: For the Discerning

‘…The mirrored finish especially complements MYKILOS’ affinity for clean, contemporary and polished kitchen designs.’

V-Zug Combair combination SE &  XSEP
Combair combination SE & XSEP

Setting new global standards

Highlights include the V-Zug dishwasher, which features an exclusive steam finish programme. This guarantees no drying marks, and a spotlessly clean and shiny finish for all your glassware.  Owing to the ‘Party’ programme, one run up to five rinse cycles in a row, making it perfect for cleaning large quantities of slightly dirty dishes within a short space of time. 

We also love V-Zug’s Combi-steam cooker since It simplifies healthy eating with a gentle steaming function that ensures vital vitamins and minerals in your food are not lost in the process.

V-Zug appliances: For the Discerning
V-Zug dishwasher AdoraSpülen 
V-Zug Induction cooktop GK46TIMG
V-Zug Induction cooktop GK46TIMG

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