Choosing the right storage layout is one of the most important tasks when planning a new kitchen. Beyond determining the overall look and feel, the right choice of drawers or cabinets defines the functionality and interaction between you and the centrepiece of your living space. Our experience has taught us a thing or two about usability and sustainability when it comes to kitchen hardware and materials. In this article, we offer some tips and a selection of recommendations that we believe both essential and practical for planning a new kitchen


Making space for storage decisions | before you start

Between function and aesthetics | storage layout

Going inside | optional interiors

When one door closes.. | opening types & handles

The Drawer | Design Tips

Make space for storage decisions | before you start

Whether you’re planning a brand new kitchen or upgrading your current one, you should decide where your core elements like electronic appliances and sink will be placed. Using a floor-plan, this is determined and discussed between you and the designer at the very start of each project. Having this part sorted makes free space for defining the layout and specifications of drawers and/or other cabinet types to be included in the design.

Between function and aesthetics | storage layouts

Now that you have defined the core elements, it is time to think about the storage layout and look. Deciding on the amount and type of drawers is driven by a combination of both functional and aesthetical considerations, as well as your overall budget. Cabinet shelving can be more price efficient than drawers, which tend to be more complex and include moving parts. However, when it comes to your kitchen’s lower compartments where pots and plates are usually stored, we do recommend using drawers as they offer an ergonomic and practical way to reach these stored items.

On the functional level, questions such as ‘Which and how many objects do you plan to use in your kitchen?’ and ‘where exactly should certain things be stored?’, would help to determine the ultimate positioning of each drawer, while taking the existing interior layout into consideration. For example, you might want to store all the cooking utensils, pots and pans around the cooking stove where most of the cooking would take place.

The overall frontal look depends on your personal taste. If you would like to have many drawers but clean front surfaces, then inner drawers covered by a full height drawer is a good choice.

Determining the best storage layout for you requires an understanding of your personal needs and the existing interior structure. At MYKILOS we guide you through this process and help you build the storage layout that works for you.

Going inside | optional interiors

While there are all different sorts of drawer systems offered on the market right now,  here we will focus on two chosen types which we use in our designs; Legrabox by Blum and Custom-made full-timber.

The Legrabox is a high-performance drawer system with an elegant design that will never let you down. It is made of a powder-coated metal sheet making it rigid, light and slim. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and mechanisms, the Legrabox has outstanding running characteristics and a high bearing capacity when it comes to weight.

A full-timbered bespoke interior is your way to go if you are looking for a more elegant and natural look to match your vision. Made of solid wood of your choice, its organic characteristics radiate warmth and tranquillity which is hard to beat. The smooth and sealed surface guarantees a pleasant feel and easy cleaning.

The question of which type of drawer to choose merely comes down to taste and should most likely match the overall interior of your planned kitchen. For example, for a black wood-based panel interior, you would probably want to choose black Legrabox drawers to match. Furthermore, you should always make sure that the planned drawers or doors are equipped with smooth running systems and a soft-close mechanism to ensure quality.

The Drawer | Design Tips
Full timber interior – a more elegant and natural look which radiates warmth and tranquillity / DB Kitchen
The Drawer | Design Tips
Outstanding running characteristics – Legrabox in white by Blum / SW Kitchen
The Drawer | Design Tips
Legrabox in black by Blum / MS Kitchen

When one door closes.. | opening types & handles

Now to the ergonomic solutions for your kitchen cabinets. Firstly it is important to understand that there are two main techniques for opening; external/integral and ‘push to open’. External/integral hardware refers to a pulling element installed on the cabinet front surface, whereas ‘push to open’ refers to cabinet fronts that pop out when pressed.

External grips are the traditional choice as well as easy to install and replace. For this option, there are myriad categories of hardware to choose from, including U-Handles, edge pull, bar pulls, knobs, ring pulls and more, all with various shapes, materials and finishes. If you consider using external grips we recommend brands such as Viefe, Gaggenau and Kipp.  

For those wanted clean surfaces and a smooth look, integral-milled handles are the default choice. These are milled directly into the front surface and function as a recessed pull handle. A combination of milled handles with linoleum fronts is highly recommended both practically and aesthetically for any drawer or cabinet front. With its soft-touch characteristic and durability, this option promises a timeless design that would long last. 

The Drawer | Design Tips
Gaggenau handles / DB Kitchen
The Drawer | Design Tips
Integral-milled handles combined with hidden drawers (full-timber) / RJ Kitchen
The Drawer | Design Tips
U-Handles by Kipp / CC Kitchen
The Drawer | Design Tips
Push to open technique – DK KITCHEN

We are always happy to consult with you on choosing the technique, hardware and arrangement that works best for your kitchen needs. If you are interested in working with us feel free to contact us or check our kitchens page where you can click through our recent kitchen designs.