Quooker – the water tap that does it all.

At MYKILOS we are always on the lookout for ways to improve and fine-tune kitchen designs for our clients. One particular feature that we often recommend is the Quooker water tap. It is an elegant appliance that seamlessly fulfils the needs of any contemporary lifestyle.

Notes on Quooker
Quooker Nordic Square Twintaps
Quooker tap - Fusion Square in Gold
Notes on Quooker

The state-of-the-art Quooker tap is a beautifully combined boiling-water and mixer tap in one, helping to streamline your worktop and provide additional space where the old kettle used to sit.  Not only is it a vital feature for smaller kitchens, but also a handy addition to office spaces, where tea, coffee and fresh water are in high demand throughout the day.  The compact Combi reservoir acts as a standalone boiler so the team can access hot or cold water right away.

Quooker water tap
Quooker Fusion Round – Mixer tap and boiling water in one / DR Kitchen

Top efficiency

The Quooker tap is also known for its energy saving benefits. It instantly dispenses only as much boiling water as you require without the need for wasted water, energy consumption or time.  Not only is the Quooker tap a timeless design, but its childproof handle and rotatable, insulated spout lower the risk of singed fingers.  With a range of beautiful finishes, from brass and steel, to chrome and matt black, Quooker is both a safe and stylish solution suitable for any home or work space. 

You can also combine it with the Quooker CUBE for cool sparkling water and fresh-tasting cold filtered water, removing harsh-tasting chemicals often found in normal water supply.

Professional consultation

In some cases, an integration of a Quooker product can get a bit complex and needs more planning. Mykilos offer a free-of-charge consultation for Quooker products. Our experienced planing team is there to answer any question regarding Quooker products and their installation.

Notes on Quooker

Installation service

Mykilos offers Quooker products with priced* installation for a carefree mindset. By taking this option, a certified installer from Quooker will arrive to your location and make sure your product is installed and works correctly.

Notes on Quooker

Configure your Quooker to receive a quote:

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    Quooker Flex
  • fusion round black kokend met model
    Quooker Fusion Round
  • fusion square header
    Quooker Fusion Square

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