Fantastic Frank x MYKILOS. The latter was commissioned to furnish a sample apartment in Berlin for the stylish Swedish real estate agency, Fantastic Frank. The agency had renovated a 45 square meter located at the city south area. In order to beautifully match the simple but contemporary interior we have equipped the apartment with tables, chairs and shelving systems from our collection. In order to create a living scene that radiates coolness stillness,
we have carefully hand-picked the presented furniture.

Fantastic Frank is a real estate agency franchise which exist since 2010 and originates in Stockholm. Nowadays it operates in Sweden, Germany, Italy and Spain. It offers carefully curated properties and known for its passion for aesthetics that set them apart from other traditional agencies. The agency’s focuses on design and visual communication, inspired by northern styles, poses a counter weight to a conservative industry. Thanks to the ‘fresh’ vision of the company, it has become one of the world’s most well-known real estate brands.

In conclusion, Fantastic Frank x MYKILOS collaboration was a ‘natural’ one. This is mainly since both share a similar vision that the traditional way to do things should be rethought with contemporary perspectives. And by doing that – defining new classics. Above all, in MYKILOS we believe in working closely with people and brands who resonate with what what we believe in and the the way we design our kitchens, interiors and products.

The living rom for Furnished Apartment includes the Even Better Shelf, Easy Round table and Chair 3.
The kitchen room equipped with the Even Better Shelf set 2 + set 1 Extension for ultimate storage - Fantastic Frank Furnished Apartment.
Fantastic Frank x MYKILOS

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