Event | MYKILOS X The Bread Station

MYKILOS is a design label which grows organically and surely with the support of people who are really interested in what we do and whom we share our beliefs. Connecting with those people one of a few basics for a strong community.

Last month, the BREAD BOX has finally met its bread.  We have invited Magnus Grubbe, The Bread Station founder, to tell us how he turned his passion for baking to come into a successful business story – by doing things differently. The goal was to raise a discussion which is relevant for all of us and to point out that entrepreneurship is a ‘tough-cookie’ which can also be remarkably rewarding. Magnus has reminded us that hard work, consistency and following your guts eventually pay off.  We definitely agree.

Event | MYKILOS X The Bread Station

Thanks for those who came and for those wanted to attend but could not make it – see you next time!


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