Defining new classics

The unique style of MYKILOS combines iconic qualities of the past with the fresh spirit of today. We believe that good design responds intuitively to the dynamics of the present while maintaining a rigorously high standard.

A conscious rationale with subtle sensibilities is our way to express German quality and Berlin creativity.

The MYKILOS vision is to connect with and between people who share the same excitement and belief in what we do: contemporary designs that reflect generosity, simplicity, and honesty.

Established in Berlin, rooted in the Bauhaus

MYKILOS is a design label founded by Daniel Klapsing and Philipp Schöpfer who met during their studies at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany. Its practice is rooted in furniture design that later expanded into larger projects. Their expertise in interiors and product development throughout the years naturally led a focus on the kitchen as the brand's core identity.

Today, the Berlin and Hamburg based label is a place for people to experience an uncompromised service and avant-garde aesthetics manifested in the kitchens, furniture and accessories. MYKILOS Projects is a part of the brand that offers a range of services to both private and commercial clients, from the realisation of interior projects to the design and manufacture of custom-made products.





Philipp Schöpfer

Co-founder | Team Leader Berlin 


Dr. Daniel Klapsing

Co-founder | Team Leader Hamburg 


Tal Engel

Marketing & Art Direction | Team Berlin


Ina Louise Schönack

Project Manager & Designer | Team Hamburg


Emily Marsh

Studio Management  


Lukas Bazle

Project Manager & Designer / Team Berlin


Georgia le Fort

Design Intern / Team Berlin


Erik Sandoval Pickert

Design Intern / Team Hamburg 


Interior Design Intern

We are looking for a design intern for a period of minimum 6 months who can support us with ongoing interior and kitchen projects.

Open Call / Initiative

Didn't find what you're looking for? We are always open for spontaneous applications. If you feel like you have something special and really want to join our team - bring it on.